outdoor PANELS materials


We use only special aluminum alloys refined with the addition of magnesium. These alloys have the highest corrosion resistance, thanks to which they are used on the facades of modern buildings and in the shipbuilding industry, where the products are subjected to continuous unfavorable weather conditions. In contrast to galvanized steel, they are resistant to acids and salts contained in the soil and do not corrode even in the case of scratches on the paint coating. They are also three times lighter than steel while maintaining high stiffness. Our planters are secured in accordance with the facade standards with a double-layer primer and a varnish in a glossy or matte finish.


This material is extremely popular in luxury products of industrial design. Due to alloy additives, it is characterized by resistance to corrosion and weather conditions. Swimming pool basins and other products exposed to the contaminated atmosphere of big cities are made of stainless steel. Polished stainless steel planters have a high gloss. They are brushed to obtain a matte finish. Stainless steel is one of the most refined and most elegant materials matching modern interiors and gardens. Does not require varnishing, does not patina, and has a beautiful metal structure. We produce our planters from the most resistant alloy of this steel, i.e. 316L stainless steel.


The corten steel façades have been a recognized architectural trend for several years. Corten is a steel with increased resistance to weather conditions. It belongs to the group of steel alloys which automatically develop a protective coating similar to rust under the influence of atmospheric factors. This layer of patina stops further oxidation. Corten does not require separate surface treatment, which reduces the environmental impact of the product’s life cycle. The main advantage of this steel is its modern, industrial appearance and beautiful, warm color. Formerly used mainly as a construction material, it more and more often appears on facades and in artistic creations.