LAUBO fireplaces features


UV radiation leads to changes in the color, shade, structure and strength of the material. In all products dedicated to outdoor applications, we only use materials resistant to UV radiation whose resistance has been confirmed by the appropriate certification. In the case of varnishes, we use only those with international Qualicoat Class 1 certification.


The products with the frost resistance label are designed for outdoor use all year round, without the need to store them for winter. They have resistance to water, snow and below freezing temperatures. Detailed instructions on how to prepare products for the winter season can be found in the instructions for use of each model. For most product groups, such as planters, bonfires, panels, no special treatments are required.


Outdoor products must handle more factors than those in the interior. Laubo products with this label are resistant to moisture, sun, rain, sudden temperature changes and UV radiation. We try to choose materials that are easy to clean and maintain and have increased resistance to salts and acids contained in rainwater (especially in larger cities). We can make products suitable for use in coastal zones characterized by high atmospheric corrosivity.


The quality of our products is controlled at every stage of production, and the components we use have the appropriate approvals and certifications. We know the origin of each key subassembly and we know in which geographic location it was made. That’s why we give a full 3-year warranty on our products. In the case of contract offers, it is possible to extend the warranty period.


The colors given in the product sheets are only suggestions. We are aware, however, that our clients sometimes look for products with an individual appearance or products corresponding to the color scheme of the existing equipment. Therefore, most of the elements we manufacture can be made in any color from the RAL palette. For some products, other non-standard finishes are also available (e.g. metallic, pearl, copper finish, etc.)


Large items are prone to breakage during shipping. We protect our planters with styrofoam corners and wrapped with stretch film. For courier and international shipments, additionally, after positioning on the pallet, we protect the sides with HDF boards or polystyrene boards and wrap them again with film. At the end, the resulting package is attached to the pallet with tapes so that there is no shift. In the case of dedicated transports, we cooperate with trusted drivers who transport our products safely and assist with their delivery.