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Here, a modern outside space is created.



At LAUBO, we believe that quality and functionality should be combined with a unique look, giving a sense of warmth, comfort and luxury. We want the products we offer to enable the arrangement of unique private and commercial spaces in which one wants to stay for a long time. We want the climate and atmosphere of the outer zone to be a natural extension of what is inside.


Due to the use of advanced materials, our products provide softness, naturalness and functions so far reserved only for interiors. We want to give our customers an opportunity to create large and small spaces, in which a person feels as comfortable as if inside, while connecting with surrounding nature.


At LAUBO we do not require our clients to adapt to our products. Therefore, all of them can be adapted to the individual needs of our client.


LAUBO – modern outdoor planter, outdoor furniture, gazebos, water features, firepits

Laubo modern planters

We want every product to be made with accuracy and passion. That is why we create them manually in our plants in Poland. Craft products are distinguished much more by attention to detail and accuracy of manufacture than mass products. The lack of production lines means that we can take a good look at each product before it leaves our factory. Creating the products with precision is a guarantee of their durability and longevity. Every detail is important to us, both at the design and production stages.


Our greatest satisfaction comes from the knowledge our customers can enjoy our products for years. Therefore, we make sure that all our products are easy to maintain, and through the appropriate selection of materials we minimize the need for their care. We use only quality, proven materials, the vast majority of which are of European origin. Every material used we use is dedicated to outdoor use and resistant to weather conditions.


At LAUBO we do not require the client to adapt to our products. Our products are tailored to the customer. Because they are handmade, all of them can be tailored to individual needs. Modifications may include size, shape, material, color, pattern. In the case of commercial applications, instead of the decorative motifs we have prepared, we can use elements specific to the brand. In this way, external space will become the showcase of the company.


Rectangular long outdoor terrace plant pot Fibra nava


Round frostresistant rostproof white plant pot


Oval modern planter with seat


Garden two piece planter




Modern outdoor planters, garden furniture, gazebos, firepits

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